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Learn German Your Way – German Class is Optional

There are many ways to learn German. About all classes and instructional courses can only take you so far in the German language, however. The more you participate in learning German outside the class room, the more quickly and solidly will you learn how to speak German. A good German class (whether high school, college or adult class) with a good teacher can give you a solid foundation on grammar and important words. If your class isn’t teaching you important basic German skills such as the present, past and future tenses of verbs and the grammatical cases of nouns, pronouns and adjectives then it’s not doing you very much good.

If you really want to learn how to speak German well, I recommend that you don’t depend on the class as your primary means to learn German. I honestly believe that learning German is something you do on your own and you can use the German class as a tool to help you make it over difficult areas and to answer questions. I can say this from experience. I took an adult class the first month I started to learn German, but then had to quit it because I was moving. So, I kept the text book and just learned out of the book and practiced with a neighbor who was a native German. In my experience I really did not need a class at all.


Now, I’m not putting down on German classes. In my case, a year later I signed up for the Bhashaprofs Online Portal (a good German language institute) in India. I took an entrance test and placed myself in the first intermediate level – not bad, huh, for learning German a year on my own! However, I discovered that even when I was at the Bhashaprofs Online Portal I learned most of my German getting out around India, meeting people, talking with Germans. There’s nothing more fun than learning German this way.

So, there are many different ways to learn how to speak German and all can be good. High School and college classes usually cover the basics, unless you are getting a masters degree. The best part about learning German is that you can experience a very wonderful and rich culture which has had a strong influence on a large part of the world and now with the age of the internet, learning German is not reduced to sitting in a stale classroom but with internet courses, such as Bhashaprofs German, learning German can be quick, fun and easy. Then, once you have nailed down the basics of German, I recommend you do what I did and go spend a few weeks or months in a German-speaking country and start enjoying the richness of everything German.

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